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It may seem implausible that the air-conditioning cost r $2,000 and the installation cost r $2,700, but this is true in Brazil.
It is winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in Brazil in the southern. Brazil has experienced its hottest spring in nearly a decade, thanks to an unusual weather pattern. Take Brasilia as an example. In September and October, when the rainy season is supposed to begin, only two rains have fallen this year. The lack of precipitation has caused the continuous high temperature.
Accordingly, and air conditioning related service charges are also rising. Shops selling household appliances in Brazil are not responsible for installation, but recommend installation companies to buyers, and the price is also negotiated by consumers and installers themselves. The problem lies in this "self-negotiation". Due to the lack of a unified pricing standard, the installer can "ask the price at will", which leads to the ridiculous phenomenon of "buying machine 2000, installing machine 2700" mentioned above.
Brasilia bank executives mauricio tells a reporter, the same server to provide the same service, only in Brasilia, a city there are several kinds of completely different charging standard: home appliance installation, for example, whether the other address in the rich area, the residents of age, sex and family members will lead to installer "at next dish dish". What's more, the nationality of consumers can make a big difference in prices -- foreigners generally charge more than twice as much as locals.

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